How to get the most out of your Real Estate Video

As a real estate agency, you’ll want to fully leverage all the marketing spend you put into the videos you create. Below are a few steps you can take to do that, and the best part is they are all free.

  1. Enroll all of your agents (not just the listing agent!) to share the video via all of their social media channels (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.).
  2. Most homeowners want to do what they can to help spread the word about the sale of their home. Enrolled their help by having them also leverage their own personal social media avenues as well as emailing all their friends and family and asking them to spread the word by sharing the video as well.
  3. If your agency doesn’t have a Facebook page, you may want to consider starting one, especially if you have this digital media to share.
  4. Website – having media on your website helps in many ways from increasing your page rank for search engines, as well as making your site more interactive. We’re happy to work with you to get them up on your site easily and efficiently.


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