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Andrew D. Smith

Andrew Smith

Getting a chance to work with a Berkley musician was a huge gift.  Andy was visiting from London and wanted to put a few tracks down, so we connected.  Everything was recorded and mixed in a bit of a frenzied session going late into the next morning, which is when some of the best music is made.

Andy is a bass player, which you can hear come through in his guitar playing. These were all done in one take, recording both guitar and vocals at the same time.  Even when a string broke on one of the songs, he just adjusted his playing for the rest of the song and you’d never know there was a broken string!  His talent speaks for itself, take a listen.  To hear more of Andy, check out Dynaphone Records.

Jeffrey Roszkowski

PianoBack in April of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with composer Jeff Roszkowski at one of my favorite places, the Berkshire Music School.

Jeff’s original scores; played by amazing local musicians were received by a sell out crowd.
This was a excellent challenge to record.  We had a string quartet, drum kit, bass, grand piano, electric piano and various vocalists, as well as room mics; all on a small stage.  We wanted to capture the ‘live’ room sound without much post processing alteration; just some eq work , compression, etc.  Take a listen to the montage of a few of the tracks from the live concert.

Sarah O. Martin

Sarah had only been playing the guitar for about a year when she contacted me to come to the studio.  She wanted to record a full CD of her songs.  I was tentative during the booking process as I was concerned about what we could really pull off if she had only been playing for such a short amount of time.  My concerns were ungrounded as you can hear in the montage.

Her songs are very personal, her writing is amazing and with the addition of her viola (her primary instrument) and her speaking style of singing…  she draws you right in and blows you away.  We stayed with as pure, and personal a sound we could get with her, compressing her vocals to tease out the nuance of her singing sytle, while adding a touch of effect here and there where it felt right.

Caroline Sinoco

Caroline was just graduating high school when she came to the studio.  She’s amazingly talented in many areas and very involved with the Theater.

She brought some pre-recorded background music to the studio as backing tracks to sing over.  This one is one of my favorites that she did.


 Waterfall Perry

One thing I love about doing this work, is that you get to find so many gems of hidden talents throughout our local community.  I didn’t have to look far to find Waterfall Perry, a good friend (and excellent real estate agent) who wanted to record a quick song in the studio.

This is a classic song, and to get the signature ‘stomp’ sound we were looking for, required pulling a plank of wood out of my storage area for her to stomp her boots on.

Add her great vocals that put out such a gooey sentimentality to it and you have a really great track.  Take a listen for yourself.



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